What Is Your Job Search Plan?

Job searching is very exciting, stimulating, challenging…and overwhelming! Developing an action plan with a well-thought-out list of your priorities can help you manage your transition from training to practice.
Make a list of priorities and make career decisions based on those priorities. Your first job is not likely to be your last. Seek and understand different practice settings. Remember that compensation isn’t everything. Money may not be the major decision maker if quality of life is higher on your list of priorities.​​​​​​​ We recommend that you begin your job search by thinking about what is important to you in this stage of your life. Some questions to ask yourself are:
Consult with practicing physicians. Most physicians agree that the most important things to think about during the transition from training to practice are geographic location and the key features and scope of practice. If you have colleagues who have been practicing for at least five years, they can be a great resource.

​​​​​​​Here at Mercy, we also have a network of physicians who are eager to mentor you! 
Find national meetings, your specialties association or society and build your network. Many of these organizations can help link newly trained physicians to practicing physicians from all over the country.

In addition, there are usually many in-house recruiters at these meetings who can provide you with information about openings in the geographic area you are interested in.
There are many websites that you can access to look for openings as well. You will want to take the time to look through them as they can offer a variety of opportunities in your specialty. You can also go to any hospital, clinic or health system website to find physician openings.