Understanding the Role of Recruiters

​​​​​​​While you are executing your job search plan, you will be getting many calls, emails and postcards from physician recruiters. It’s important to know the difference between the two types of recruiters.
In-House Physician Recruiters
  • Employed by a hospital, clinic or health system
  • Often there are more than one and they are assigned to a certain specialty 
  • In-house recruiters typically live in the communties they hire for, so they are very familiar with the area and the health system

In-house physician recruiters will review your CV and get to know you not only as a candidate, but personally, as well. They will want to learn about your family and what your goals are for employment and lifestyle. This helps them to match you to the type of practice you are looking for and if their location meets your personal needs.
Agency Recruiters
  • Agencies are “for profit” groups who charge a hospital a placement fee to find them a physician
  • They may attempt to steer you to look at certain organizations that will be willing to compensate them more while moving away from others who do not prefer to pay their fees

Most hospitals have gotten away from using agency’s due to the costs. When you apply with a hospital health system or clinic, you will most likely talk to an in-house physician recruiter first.