Mercy Center for Performance Medicine

Building Overview  With more than 272,000 square feet of space, the high-tech, five-level outpatient center will be designed with the patient experience top of mind at every turn, offering a seamless experience. Through extensive research, Mercy has taken lessons from other world-class, customer-focused industries and applied them to health care. The new model of care will consider every step of the patient journey, allowing for peace of mind.

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​​​​​​Building Progress

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November 2022 Update 

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August 2022 Update

Mercy President and CEO Steve Mackin "The technologies and patient-centered approaches we plan to introduce will pave the way for the patient experience of the future, along with a better, more streamlined experience for our physicians and co-workers.

We evaluated leading consumer models both inside and outside of health care, and are crafting the experience based on what patients want and need by incorporating both patient and physician input. By leveraging technology, we expect to eliminate typical health care elements patients simply don’t value and deliver an integrated patient care experience that’s intentionally proactive, predictive and personalized"
High Tech Parking A doctor’s visit can be stressful enough without the added frustration of circling a parking garage to find an open spot. Next spring, with the opening of the new Mercy Ballas Canter for Multispecialty Care, a high-tech garage also will open, relieving congestion across the Mercy St. Louis campus and making parking easier for patients and visitors.

“It’s no secret that parking at health care facilities in urban areas across the U.S. can be a headache,” said Dr. David Meiners, Mercy Hospital St. Louis president. “Mercy is no different. When our patients come for doctors’ appointments, procedures and surgeries, we want to remove the added stress that often comes with getting into a building.”